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1 channel video installation

47 seconds loop



Cactus is a video depicting two lower torsos in an endless loop of giving and receiving, in this case- urine. The performative action of bodily release and absorption of toxins is romanticized by Antonio Vivaldi’s melody Konzert Fur 2 Violinen Und Violoncello Allegro.


The body is used to dismantle the parameters of gender norms and disturb the acceptance of identity. The cactus becomes a tool to sculpt on the organic completion of the female form and also as an object for intentional deformation and intersex by design. Nature married with deliberate action is used to create states of purgative awareness.


The Intentional treatment of the video which fades and cuts, interrupts the natural flow of the action to reflect the complex and intimate dialogue between the two physical forms echoing the temporality of their existence.

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