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The Sea Calms Down When..

Cement, camel milk, frankincense, indigo, henna, wine, maggots, fungi and various elements

Duration: 1 month



Throughout the duration of one month, Da invited viewers to circulate through the space creating their own rites and becoming aware of their own bodies. Humankind has always turned to rituals to alleviate the suffering of the body, give it strength, to transmit knowledge and courage. They have as well been used to control and to oppress, but also to resist oppression. Cultural programming can inhibit women’s relationships with their own bodies and relationships with the opposite gender.


For Da, exploring her own body has made it into a site of solace and rebirth. It is a means to find a home after a lifetime of nomadism, to achieve self-knowledge, to understand the disconnect between the soul and the physical body.

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