1 channel video installation

5 minutes 21 seconds



Taken inspiration from the Indian Shaktist fertility festival which celebrates the earth’s monthly cycle. Viewers witnessed daily rituals and remnants of gestures placed in a series of cement ‘Yoni’ sculptures, during the course of a one month-long exhibition. The sculptures, in a constant state of change, mirror the theory of nature: Impermanence.


Landscape is a video performance that blurs the boundaries between body and sculpture. The performative Yoni’s become an extension of human flesh thus creating a new site where identity as defined by gender, race and sexuality is indistinct.


The hyper awareness of the body's vulnerability is related to today's politically charged reality. The space is transformed into a giant maternal body that allows an alternative state of consciousness.


Landscape is ephemeral in nature and is also a celebration of flesh as a material and the body as a gesturing and expressive site.