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Lip Sync For Your Life - Extract
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Lip Sync For Your Life, The Crisco Disco Frisco series

Three-channel video installation



Composer Giorgio Moroder’s sounds are used to explore body movements, honing down on the mouth. Garnished with lipstick, the three-channel film shows lips singing in sync with disco tracks produced by Moroder. The looped films are shown on facing walls, the frame cropped closely to capture the lips, teeth, tongue, and back of the throat as it pulses. Yonic like, an oscillating organism that at once attracts and repulses. In this way, she draws out the viewer’s own subjective interpretations and associations, whilst also locking them into a visual and sonic dialogue with each film.


The three videos were installed as part of a larger work, an intimate drag queen changing room that mirrored the mouth’s cavity. In this way, Da sought to play with notions of architectural space, with the mouth elevated from its usual status as a little considered physical site that is sometimes used and abused whether with words, food, objects or other.


Songs from left to right: Donna Summer 'I feel love', Donna Summer 'Last dance' and Blondie 'Call me'.

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