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Mother-of-pearl, Black ottchil lacquer on Birchwood
35cm x 35cm
Edition of 1


A reinterpretation to the work November, December, January, and March vulva print manuscripts, Orient is a series of decorative vulva prints extracted from the months of January and March.

Orient investigates contemporary thought with traditional craft. Looking at repetition as a way to highlight the decorative and morph an image at the same time. It asks questions through materials, processes, and techniques. How does the performative nature of a material and its varied surfaces change the translation of an image? How does historical uses of a material translate the way we view and work a material? And how to subjectively step away from that history, using the same traditional techniques and tools?

In collaboration with lacquerer and mother-of-pearl craftsman, Master Son Dae Hyun, this work was made possible in support of the fine craft brand Cheyul in Seoul, South Korea.

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